Sun King's Salvation

Killed at the end of the Burning Crusade expansion, Kael'thas' soul was sent to Revendreth in the Shadowlands to work towards redemption for his sins in life. During his journey towards redemption, he fell right into Sire Denathrius' plans of funneling Revendreth's anima into The Maw, and the players must now save him from forever falling into damnation at the hands of the sinister Lord of Revendreth.

Sun King's Salvation is a two phase encounter in which the healers must restore the imprisoned soul of Kael'thas Sunstrider to full health. During phase one, players will need to deal with constant waves of adds that attempt to attack either the raid or Kael'thas Sunstrider directly. During phase two, Kael'thas Sunstrider becomes healing immune until players deal enough damage to a shade version of himself which batters the raid with powerful spells.

The Sun King's Salvation encounter is available after defeating Shriekwing in Castle Nathria. After defeating both the Sun King's Salvation and Artificer Xy'mox encounters, players unlock the Council of Blood encounter.

Sun King's Salvation Quick Tips in Castle Nathria

Phase One General Strategy

Phase One Adds

Phase Two

  • Occur at 45% & 90% of Kael'thas Sunstrider remaining health.

  • Kael'thas Sunstrider cannot be healed by players during this phase.

  • Bring the Shade of Kael'thas mini-boss to the side of the room, away from his Reborn Phoenix adds.

  • Ranged DPS should crowd control and kite the Reborn Phoenix adds around the outside of the room.

  • The raid should stack behind the boss which is being faced away from them.

  • Tanks should taunt off of each other when their Burning Remnants stacks expire (applied via Fiery Strike).

  • A group of at least 5-6 players should soak the target marked for Ember Blast to help spread the damage of the ability.

  • The player marked by Ember Blast should move 10 yards away from the raid into a low traffic area, as they will spawn a patch of fire underneath themselves when the spell ends.

  • Bring the Shade of Kael'thas to 50% health to end the phase. Kill him the second time round to end the fight.