Lihuvim, Principal Architect

Brief Description:

Two alternating phases. A boss phase, and an adds phase. On the adds phase in Normal there are three adds, Three normal adds called Acquisition, Guardian and Degeneration.

  • Acquisition increases your damage taken and does massive knockback.

  • Guardian spawns a floating orb that does damage periodically.

  • Degeneration spawns lots of little adds.

There is an additional add on heroic that creates a shield for the other adds.

Brief Tactics:

Boss Phase:

  • Pull boss to an edge of the room and face away from the raid, whilst the rest of the raid group stacks up loosely behind the boss.

  • Several players will get a circle around them that, when expires, leaves a star in it's place - they should move to the outside edge of the room to drop it. Don't stand in them or they leave a permanent puddle. Drop stars as tightly packed as possible to aid clearance.

  • Some players will get a yellow arrow and yellow circle, and the debuff Deconstruction Energy. Cover stars with the circle to get rid of them.

  • Boss does a knockback - don't get knocked into stars.

  • Watch out for boss frontal cone.

  • Tanks - one tank takes every cast of Resonance, other takes Sundering Resonance. Both do damage to anyone within 12 yds, with increased damage to one who has the other debuff.

  • Add phase starts when boss gets to 100 energy.

Adds Phase:

  • Adds will start activating on the circles around the room and boss will pulse stacking debuff.

  • Wait until the boss is around 80 energy then check which adds a spawning.

  • You can either split raid into two and try and kill two before they activate, or everyone go to one to definitely down it.

  • Everyone stand in a golden circle around an add to clear the debuff.

  • If an add activates before you kill it, it will activate at 100% health.

  • Add kill order: Acquisition > Defence Matrix (Heroic only) > Degeneration > Guardian.

  • Once boss phase starts again, finish off adds asap.