De Other Side

De Other Side is a max-level dungeon in Shadowlands, located in Ardenweald. De Other Side has 4 boss encounters. The dungeon is available in four difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+.

De Other Side is located in Ardenweald.

In an effort to stop the souls being funnelled into the Maw, Bwonsamdi sought to hide those he could in "De Other Side", a secret place he found in the Shadowlands.

One of the ancient loa, Mueh'zala, discovered this betrayal of a deal between the two loa and seeks to retrieve the souls hidden from him.

Night Fae Covenant Dungeon Buff in De Other Side

In De Other Side dungeon, you can randomly find Haunted Urns around the instance. These appear to be in set locations, including in the main area and the various wings.

Clicking on the urn will start a cast that is broken upon taking damage. If you complete the channel the urn will cast Haunted Urn stunning all enemies within 30 yards for 10 seconds!

Quick Boss Guide

  • Hakkar the Soulflayer: Spread out and avoid dark red pools on the ground. When he casts Blood Barrier, DPS through it and interrupt.

  • The Manastorms: When Millhouse is active: Absorb purple beams. If you get Echo Finger Laser X-treme (red marker over your head), position yourself so that Milhouse is between you and other targeted player. When Millificent is active: Defuse bombs running toward the edge of the room (right-click them), and if you get Shadowfury (blue circle around you), position yourself so Millificent is in it.

  • Xy’exa: Stay near the white circles on the ground. If you get a bomb, step into one of the circles before it goes off. When the boss casts Explosive Contrivance, step into a white circle before the cast goes off. Avoid beams.

  • Mueh’zala: Avoid where the boss’ arms are charging up attacks. If you get a purple circle over your head, drop it on the edge of the room. On phase two, click a portal, kill the add you find on that platform, and then click the totem there.