Brackenhide Hollow

This dungeon comprises four boss fights:

  • Hackclaw's War-Band – Rira Hackclaw and her compatriots, Gashtooth and Tricktotem, have risen up as a deadly war-band among the Brackenhide. Their tactics are the reason tuskarr never travel alone, and their strength is the reason Wratheye has them guarding the gate to the Hollow.

  • Treemouth – Withered by decay, this once proud ancient has been dubbed Treemouth by the gnolls. As the rot settled into its branches, so too did it settle in the poor creature's mind, leaving a creature bent on nothing more than the need to feed and spread decay.

  • Gutshot – This sharpshooting gnoll has mastered the art of hunting, trapping, and killing her prey. Impressed by her abilities and cunning, the Decatriarch has assigned Gutshot to oversee and train the other hunters... and take out any interlopers that might venture too far into Brackenhide.

  • Decatriarch Wratheye – Wratheye discovered decay magic in her thirst for power, and declared herself the Decatriarch after mastering it. She now builds the strength of the Brackenhide by spreading her dark magic among her tribe so the tuskarr, and all of the Azure Span, will rot in its wake.

Brackenhide Hollow is located in the Azure Span at /way 11.57 48.78. You can find more information on WowHead here.

Brief Tactics

Hackclaw's War-Band

You will be fighting the 3 chief gnolls, Rira Hackclaw, Gashtooth and Tricktotem simultaneously. Each of them has unique abilities under their belt. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the boss fight:

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  • Avoid being hit by Rira Hackclaw's Bladestorm, he will be slowed by 70% during the channel, which will make the dodging much easier.

  • Interrupt Tricktotem's Greater Healing Rapids at all costs, to prevent the boss from healing.

  • Any spare interrupts should go to Tricktotem's Earth Bolt casts.

  • Beware of Bloodfrenzy. If one of the gnolls drops below 15% health, this will automatically trigger it. You want to cleave them
    equally to prevent increasing the difficulty of the fight.

  • Quickly nuke the Hextrick Totem when it spawns, to prevent your teammates from being Hextricked.


  • Be careful how you position Rira Hackclaw, since her auto-attacks Cleave all players in front of her within 8 yards.

  • Periodically, Rira Hackclaw will charge a random member of your party with Savage Charge. It is your responsibility to stay in front of
    the charge and soak the incoming damage, or else they will die. They may specifically instruct you not to do it, because they have an immunity, otherwise you must pay attention to it and soak it!


  • Gashtooth will occasionally cast Gash Frenzy shadow stepping behind every player and applying a Bleed effect for 45 sec, which you can remove upon healing them above 90% health!

  • On Mythic difficulty, Gashtooth will additionally cast Marked for Butchery on one player, use your external-defensive cooldowns on him or spot-heal it!

  • Dispel the Gashtooth's Decayed Senses as quick as you can to prevent your team member from being crowd-controlled for 15 sec.

  • On Mythic difficulty, during the entire boss fight, there will be Prey on the Weak aura, empowering each boss with a Predatory Instincts stackable buff based on the missing health from your teammates. It is your duty to keep everyone above 90% health at all times to prevent the boss from "Enraging".


Right from the beginning of the boss fight, Gutshot will have 2 Rotfang Hyenas next to him. They will only attack the tank until Gutshot casts Meat Toss. Your highest priority is to defeat them before he casts Call Hyenas again, calling 2 more hyenas. The boss will carry a Huntleader's Tactics aura, further empowering both Rotfang Hyenas, another reason why you should focus them! Below you can find more information about the boss fight:

All Roles

  • Focus on any existing Rotfang Hyenas and kill them immediately. They will begin attacking a random target once Meat Toss has been cast. If Meat Toss is on you, kite away the Hyenas and never let them catch you.

  • On Mythic difficulty, the Rotfang Hyenas will gain Feeding Frenzy Enrage Effect and upon inflicting damage it will also apply a Bleed affect from its Crippling Bite ability.

  • Watch out for Rotfang Hyena's Bounding Leap ground-animation. It does massive damage and stuns you if you get caught in it!

  • Dodge the Ensnaring Traps on the ground. Pro-tip, you can kite the existing Rotfang Hyenas into them! On Mythic difficulty, upon triggering the trap for the first time, it will rearm itself after 5.2 sec.

  • Gutshot will periodically cast Master's Call, freeing any Rotfang Hyenas from Ensnaring Trap and giving them 15% movement speed for 5 sec. Once you see the boss casting it, get away from any hyenas!



  • Focus on healing your teammates if they get caught by one of the Rotfang Hyenas, do your best to keep them away from your party!

Once you defeat Gutshot, this will be your new spawn point if you end up dying!


Treemouth will periodically regenerate energy. Upon reaching 100, it will cast Grasping Vines, pulling all players towards him for 4 sec. Here is what you should do to defeat him:

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  • Dodge the Decay Spray frontal ability.

  • Immediately after Decay Spray, the boss will spawn 4 Decaying Slimes that will cast Gushing Ooze, use your interrupts to stop it!

  • Upon defeating Decaying Slime they will cast Burst, dealing damage to players within 5 yards and leaving a pool of decay on the ground lasting for 30 sec. Standing in the pool will damage you due to Withering Away!, so you better watch out!

  • Once Treemouth begins its Grasping Vines it will Consume the nearest player at the end of the cast, dealing damage and creating an absorb shield. Once you break the shield, the player that was consumed will be spat out and the fight will continue. Even if you are under Consume effect, you can still use your abilities!

On Mythic difficulty, Grasping Vines "intermission" works a bit differently. Here is how:

  • All players within 10 yards of Treemouth will get Consume. If none of the players is close enough to be Consume then the boss gets a permanent Enrage - Starving Frenzy. So yes, you have to deliberately use the most durable member of your team to be Consumed.

  • In addition, you can't let the same person be Consumed twice in a row due to the Partially Digested debuff, alternate players and their defensive cooldowns.


  • Vine Whip is a smart frontal ability that will follow you until the end of the cast. Be careful how you aim it, you don't want to endanger the lives of your teammates!


  • Spot-heal the player that is under a Consume effect!

Decatriarch Wratheye

The last boss of the dungeon is Decatriarch Wratheye. Upon reaching maximum energy (100) she will cast Decaying Strength, empowering herself and applying Withered Eruption to your entire party. Here is more about the fight:

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  • Heal up the Decaystrike from your tank as quickly as you can.

  • Use healing cooldowns once you see Rotburst Totem being spawned. The longer it stays alive, the more damage it will deal to your