Vigilant Guardian

Brief Tactics

Three phase fight - an add phase and two boss phases.

Phase 1:

  • Kill regular adds to activate big adds.

  • Dodge stuff on floor and stay a bit spread out.

  • Use the shield from big adds (yellow circle around them) during Exposed Core (when boss gets to 100 energy).

  • Use the bombs from the big adds and throw against wall where the boss is stuck (extra action button - make sure it throws!).

Phase 2:

  • Face boss away from the raid (frontal) and taunt swap at 50 energy (pneumatic impact).

  • If you get Matter Dissolution debuff, run far away - orbs appear in a circle around the player, slowly moving towards where the player was when they appeared (player runs back to group, through gaps between orbs).

Phase 3 (15%):

  • Soft enrage. Raid wide damage. Bloodlust, Healing CDs.

  • Make his health hit zero before yours does.