Quick Tactics

Phase 1

  • SOUL FRACTURE on tank - tank swap. Kill green adds, interrupt them. tank runs over remains.

  • OBLIVIONS ECHO (green arrow on head, large hollow circle) - Drops a silencing puddle. Drop on green adds to silence them.

  • FROSTBOUND DEVOTED adds - kite, stun, kill.

  • DARK EVOCATION - boss rezzes adds - kill them again. Will also rezz dead players and mind control them. DON'T BE DEAD!

  • GLACIAL WRATH (blue arrow on head) . frosty spikes that decay over time but cause damage when they die. Dps one at a time so damage is spread.

  • FROST BLAST (big white swirly) - half raid stack to spread damage (sticks to the spot, so not everyone). Disengage, shape shift, etc, breaks.

  • HOWLING BLIZZARD - expanding ice patches - avoid, find safe spot.

Phase 2

Two areas - the boss room and the Phylactery

Boss Room - adds phase

  • UNSTOPPABLE ABOMINATIONS - tanks face them away from raid

  • SOUL REAVER - interrupt Banshees cry as much as poss. Increasing damage.

  • Boss casts VENGEFUL DESTRUCTION - stop by entering Phylactery (move to boss, press button). either Everyone kills adds, then most go to Phylactery, or several DPS and a healer go down, and let the rest deal with the adds.

Phylactery - ghosty boss

  • Avoid swirlies, beams, tornadoes. Stacking damage, so can't stay for long.

  • Leave when he becomes immune (every 33% health), before he finishes his cast of UNDYING WRATH.

Phase ends when the ghost boss finishes cast - any adds remaining upstairs will be empowered - kill asap.

Phase 1 starts again, but boss casts more often. Repeat until Phylactery boss dies, then Phase 3 starts.

Phase 3

  • Many of the bosses previous casts no longer happen, however some do.

  • More adds, some of those from Phase 2, kill asap.

  • The frost on the ground now stays, doesn't explode, and grows slowly, covering platform - soft enrage.

  • Add/dead people rezz still happens .. DON'T BE DEAD!!

  • Bloodlust and nuke until you can dance on his cold dead body.