Necrotic Wake

The Necrotic Wake is a leveling dungeon in Shadowlands, located in Bastion. The Necrotic Wake has 4 boss encounters. The dungeon is available in four difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+.

The Necrotic Wake is the first dungeon players will encounter and is located in Bastion.

As in the questline for Bastion, the forces of Maldraxxus are pillaging their way through Bastion, killing the Kyrian people and draining them and their lands of any anima they can find. If the necropolis, Zolramas, is left as is, it will spell nothing but doom for the whole of Bastion.

Kyrian Covenant Dungeon Buff in Necrotic Wake

Since The Necrotic Wake is located in Bastion, Kyrians will have a bonus that they can activate for their party! You can find two Malfunctioning Goliath in the Necrotic Wake dungeon:

  • The first one is located to the right of the first boss.

  • The second one is located to the left of the bridge after the first boss.

Any member of the Kyrian Covenant can use their Summon Steward near this goliath and when talking to their Steward, a new prompt will pop up. Click "Can you reactivate this Goliath?" and the Steward will get to work! The Goliath will then activate, ejecting 5 Anima orbs. Each member of the party can step on one orb granting them with Anima Exhaust -- which procs AoE damage and healing every 4 seconds for 60 seconds.

Special Items in Necrotic Wake

Throughout various locations in The Necrotic Wake, players can find and click on items on that are scattered on the floor. These are located in set locations -- once you find one, it'll be there waiting for you on every run through the dungeon.

These buffs are very powerful and will be important in Mythic+. Each player can only hold one item at a time, and all items can only be used once. However, the buffs are lost upon death -- if you're trying to save an item for a certain spot, be careful if you're the one that's holding the item!

The Items are:

  • Discharged Anima - Unleash the stored anima, inflicting Arcane damage to nearby enemies and interrupting their spellcasting every 1 sec for 8 sec.

  • Bloody Javelin - Throws a Kyrian javelin at the target, inflicting Physical damage to all enemies it passes through and additional Physical damage every 2 sec for 16 sec. Enemies hit take 20% increased damage for 16 sec.

  • Forgotten Forgehammer - Hurls a mighty Kyrian hammer at the target, inflicting Physical damage and stunning the target for 8 sec.

  • Discarded Shield - Activate to reduce damage taken by 50% for all allies within 8 yds for 6 sec.

The Bloody Javelin and Forgotten Forgehammer both deal massive damage to enemies and can be used for difficult trash packs or on bosses (without the stun)! Bloody Javelin causes the target to take 20% increased damage for 16 seconds, and if you combine that with Bloodlust and cooldowns, any boss will surely be defeated quickly!

Quick Boss Guide

  • Blightbone: Stay out of green stuff. Kill adds. If you’re fixated by one, try not to let it touch you.

  • Amarth: Kill adds and avoid the corpses. Dodge the green beam from Bonefang.

  • Surgeon Stitchflesh: Avoid green stuff. When you get targeted by Meat Hook (red skull over your head and red circle around your feet), position yourself so it’s aimed at the boss, then move out. Save your cooldowns/trinkets for when the boss himself is active.

  • Nalthor the Rimebinder: Get out of the big circle and stay out of white swirlies on the ground (you’ll need to run continuously for this). If you get Dark Exile, run down the hall avoiding swirlies, kill the mob at the end, and click on the Kyrian. When you get back to the platform, sit in the corner until you’ve dropped an ice patch.