Painsmith Raznal

Quick Tactics

  • Tank in centre

  • The boss has three phases with an intermission between each.

Phase 1

  • CRUCIFORM AXE - aimed at tank - tank moves to corner of platform to take hit. Causes damage & spikes in 4 directions.

  • Tank swap after every weapon throw.

  • SHADOWSTEEL CHAINS - red arrow over head and small hollow circle. Spread.

  • SPIKED BALLS - line of balls, dps central one to make opening

Transition Phase (70%)

  • Boss jumps away

  • Waves of spikes - find the gap and move through.

  • Avoid fire swirlies.

Phase 2

  • REVERBERATING HAMMER - same as previous weapon but causes ripple of spikes across entire platform. Time moving over to avoid taking damage.

  • Rest of tactics the same as P1.

Transition Phase (40%)

  • Same as previous transition phase.

Phase 3

  • DUALBLADE SCYTHE - combination of both the above same tactics.

  • Rest of tactics same as P1.