The Council of Blood

The Council of Blood is an encounter which has the raid fighting against three bosses with separate health pools. When one boss dies, all others heal to full and the remaining bosses gain additional abilities! The raid will need to get on their dancing shoes, as the bosses force the entire raid to take part in the Party Foul each time one of them reach 50% health. Those with poor dancing skills will lose out on a big haste buff!

Council of Blood Quick Tips in Castle Nathria

  • Focus on killing one boss at a time. Recommended order: 1st: Baroness Frieda 2nd: Castellan Niklaus 3rd: Lord Stavros

  • When a boss reaches 50%, get to your dance position and then move to the your marker over and over again until the dance ends.

  • Stay within the dance floor area whilst fighting the bosses to avoid the Party Foul damage. This doesn't apply during the Danse Macabre.

Baroness Frieda

Castellan Niklaus

Lord Stavros

  • Face away from other players when tanking this boss due to the Evasive Lunge. Taunt swap after 2 casts.

  • When paired up with Dark Recital, find your partner and keep moving from the patches you spawn!

  • 1 Boss Dead: Move away from the Waltz of Blood dancers.

  • 2 Bosses Dead: Find the single Dancing Fools that can be killed. Kill them and stand near their corpse for a safe spot!