Soulrender Dormazain

Quick Tactics

  • TORMENT - 4 pizza slices - find safe slice (look towards back) for indicator to where it will be

  • TORMENTED ERUPTIONS - Similar, but in waves. Find safe slices

  • WARMONGER SHACKLES - adds chained at front, click and pull to break. Raid wide damage on breaking shackle - do one at a time, but before HELLSCREAM cast finishes to interrupt.

  • ADDS - interrupt and kill asap. Do not let them get to Garrosh.

  • BRAND OF TORMENT - red shadowy circle - does damage to raiders AND adds. Spread but try to have one on adds.

  • RUINBLADE - Tank swap every cast/debuff expiry.

  • Avoid misty bit near Garrosh.