The Nine

Quick Tactics

Initially a two boss fight, when one of those reaches 15% health, a third appears, so try to have both at the same health throughout.

They will call Valkyr to cast a spell occasionally:

  • Avoid black lines

  • Big purple hollow circles - no-one else stand in

  • Boss shield (blue runed "shield") - move boss out of shield area

  • Small purple swirlies with "flame" - 1 person soak each

  • Small white hollow circle - spread

  • Big light blue swirly with "flame", raid soaks


  • UNENDING STRIKE - tank swap when debuff expires, around 3 stacks

  • Formless Mass add - interrupt & kill asap

  • WINGS OF RAGE @ 100% energy - black hollow circle with suck - run out of circle.


  • REVERBERATING REFRAIN @ 100% energy - black hollow circle with push - stack in circle.

  • SONG OF DISSOLUTION - raid wide damage - interrupt asap.

  • SOULFUL BLAST - interrupt when possible.


  • When Skya joins BLOODLUST .. kill first 2 asap.

  • FRAGMENTS OF DESTINY - bouncing debuff - all affected stack together - dispel one at a time, person dispelled moves away. When final person debuff goes, patch on floor. Put patches to edges.

  • PIERCE SOUL - tank swap 2-3 stacks.

  • RESENTMENT - Raid wide damage. Heal through.