Spires of Ascension

Spires of Ascension is a max-level dungeon in Shadowlands, located in Bastion. Spires of Ascension has 4 boss encounters. The dungeon is available in four difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+.

The Spires of Ascension are located in Bastion.

This dungeon has little lore currently available on it, beyond the fact that we know the Forsworn have either taken over the Spires or are attacking it.

Kyrian Covenant Dungeon Buff in Spires of Ascension

After defeating the first boss in the Spires of Ascension, players can find a dead Kyrian on both the left and right paths. Another dead Kyrian can be found on the right side of the stairs after defeating the second boss and flying over.

A Kyrian Covenant player can interact with it; they will receive the Spear of Destiny. This player can then throw the Spear of Destiny at a location, hitting all enemies within 8 yards, stunning them and making them take 20% additional damage for 10 seconds.

Quick Boss Guide

Kin-Tara: Stay out of the beam between Kin-Tara and Azules. If you get a blue arrow over your head, drop it away from the group. Avoid black orbs.

Ventunax: Dodge black orbs and his frontal cone. While the boss is Recharging, really dodge black orbs.

Oryphrion: Stack up when there’s a blue arrow mark on everyone, and then spread out. During Recharge Anima, blow your cooldowns on the boss and have the tank soak the orbs.

Devos, Paragon of Doubt: Dodge her charge. Get in the blue circle when the black orb comes out. During phase two at 70% and 30%, run through blue orbs and carry them back to the conduit at the center of the room, avoiding dark circles. When all five Anima orbs have been returned, one player needs to click the conduit to get a spear they will need to aim and fire to bring Devos down.