Theater of Pain

Theater of Pain is a max-level dungeon in Shadowlands, located in Maldraxxus. Theater of Pain has 5 boss encounters. The dungeon is available in four difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+.

The Theater of Pain is located in Maldraxxus.

As expected of Maldraxxians, the Theater of Pain exists as a platform to show off your strength and prove that you are the greatest among the other champions.

Necrolord Covenant Dungeon Buff in Theater of Pain

In the Theatre of Pain dungeon, players can find 3 Necrolord Banners. There is one Necrolord Banner located in each of the wings after the first boss.

Any player that is part Necrolord Covenant can click on a Necrolord banner to get the Necrolord's Chosen buff which lasts 5 minutes. Any party members that are near the player with the Necrolord's Chosen will get another buff called Necrolord's Command, granting everyone 10% Versatility and Movement Speed!

As there are three Necrolord Banners in the dungeon, you'll get a total of 15 minutes of 10% Versatility and Movement Speed throughout the dungeon!

Quick Boss Guide

  • An Affront of Challengers: Kill Satchel first, Pacerian second, and Dessia third. When Satchel hits 40%, DPS through his shield and interrupt. When Pacerian hits 40%, avoid green stuff on the ground. When Dessia hits 40%, kite her if you are the fixated player. (Groups with Druids or Hunters should immediately dispel her enrage.) When Xira stuns a player, stun/incapacitate/knock her away to break it.

  • Gorechop: When he pulls you in, run away. Dodge the chains. Kill adds on the sides/corners and avoid the AOE they leave behind.

  • Xav the Unfallen: Dodge his abilities (he’ll telegraph what he’s doing with green on the ground). Kill the banner. If you’re sent to duel, let the higher-DPS player win.

  • Kul’tharok: If he casts Draw Soul on you (green line between you and the boss), run through your soul (it’ll be a bright green image of your character) to get it back. The fastest way to get it is to position yourself behind a green circle on the ground while Draw Soul is being cast, which will snare it for you.

  • Mordretha: Dodge the beam. When you get a green circle around you, don’t overlap with other players. Kill the adds that come out after. Run away from the green/black circle on the ground. After 50%, move out of the center of the arena and dodge ghosts/swirlies.