Shriekwing is the first boss of Castle Nathria. After defeating Shriekwing, players may choose the Huntsman Altimor, Sun King's Salvation or Artificer Xy'mox encounters.

Shriekwing is a two phase encounter which requires players to utilize line of sight to counteract some of the mechanics that this boss sends their way. The first phase has the raid fighting the boss head on, while Phase Two has the entire raid hiding from the boss at all times while dodging her ever-searching sonic rings!

Shriekwing Quick Tips in Castle Nathria

Phase One

  • All players should hide behind the same pillar when Earsplitting Shriek is cast.

  • Move to the edge of the room when marked with Echolocation.

  • Tanks need to use mitigation for the Exsanguinating Bite and should taunt after each one of these casts.

  • Healers need to keep the raid healthy when the boss applies (Spell #344111) to the raid.

  • Bait the Echoing Screech towards an open area and then dodge the sonic rings the boss shoots out. (Heroic)

Phase Two

  • Stay 13+ yards away from the boss at all times.

  • Dodge the sonic rings that are bouncing around the room.

  • Use the pillars to create line of sight between you and the boss when she casts (Spell #340047).