The Tarragrue

Overview – Fast Tactics (FROM PTR)

  • Your raid will use specific anima powers to defeat the boss, chosen prior to fight, after killing trash.

  • Each player will have a maximum of 4 powers. At least one player should have the immunity to stun.

  • DO NOT TAKE the knock back power.

  • Stand spread around the boss. Raid marker for Chains of Eternity.

  • Overpower - Tanks swap at each slam.

  • Chain of Eternity (an arrow on your head), a drag and one shot - someone with the stun immunity anima power to stand between boss and target. Mark a position for Chain target to stand on.

  • Predators Howl (a purple circle around you), spread out and dispel asap. Any player inside your circle gets feared.

  • Hungering Mist - the platform becomes dark with one light safe spot - run to that. This happens 3 times. Use movement abilities (druids roar and shamans wind rush). There are anima powers that helps here (Satchel of the Hunt / Oddly Intangible Key / Negation Well)

  • Grasp of Death a targeted player takes heavy dmg. Interrupt it and Healers beware. There is an anima power to help here (Erratic Howler)

  • Fury of the Ages - Boss mini-enrage - Druids use soothe or hunters use Tranq shot to remove it. There is an anima power to help here (Disembodied Mystic Hands).

  • When boss reaches 10% health all anima powers are removed and boss starting to hunt players down. Run away from boss (kite) as much as possible and kill it before it kills everyone in the raid.

  • Bloodlust / Timewarp / Heroism at 10% health.

  • Heroic Mode – Boss spawns remnants (a smoky circle on the ground with smaller orbs around it). They must be soaked. You get a stacking debuff when soaking. 5 stacks in total before it is removed, and different players can take some stacks each.
    - Soaking physical makes you take more physical dmg for 1.5 min.
    - Soaking magical makes you take more magical dmg for 1.5 min.
    - Soaking fire does fire dmg periodically for 1.5 min.