Eranog is the first boss encounter in the Vault of the Incarnates. This boss consists of a normal phase with a few mechanics (limiting the amount of space your raid can use, as well as spawn some adds), followed by a short intermission which serves as a damage check, allowing your raid to create a safe corridor from marching fire elementals.

Eranog notably drops the rare item Seal of Diurna's Chosen, (a ring that is 395 in Normal), which is several item levels higher than the rest of the loot table, and comes with a special equip. Eranog's regular loot has the following item levels: 376 (LFR), 389 (Normal), 402 (Heroic), 415 (Mythic).

Raid Positioning During Phase One

Move Eranog to halfway between the center and the edge of the platform. Eranog should be moved in a circular direction after each cast of Flamerift, with the raid loosely spread behind.

Players targeted by Flamerift should move behind the raid and stack near each other, while avoiding standing closer than 5 yards to other players. If there are existing Lava Flow pools, we suggest placing new ones near them to minimize the amount of space that is covered by Lava Flow.

Phase 1

  • Tanks taunt swap after 4-8 stacks of Burning Wound. Stack count will depend on the tank and their gear.

  • Move the boss in a circular pattern .. tanks in front, everyone else loosely stacked behind.

  • Anyone with Flamerift should move behind the rest of the raid, stack near each other but far enough away not to affect the others (about 5 yds). If other lava pools are already there, be near them.

  • Flamerift will drop lava pools and spawn adds. Move the boss when the new pools appear.

  • Kite adds through the raid to the tanks. Kill asap.

  • Dispel stacking fire debuff from Incinerating Roar.

  • Avoid Molten Cleave targeted on a random player.

Intermission (100 energy, every 90 seconds)

  • Boss jumps to the centre and channels Pulsing Flames raid wide damage.

  • Primal Flames spawn and move towards the raid, linked together. Kill one to break the link.


The only addition to Heroic is Molten Spikes, which further limit the amount of usable space your raid has to work with throughout the encounter.

  • When Molten Spikes spawn, they erupt from the ground, dealing damage to players who stand on top of them. When the boss casts Incinerating Roar, all Molten Spikes are destroyed, once again dealing damage to all players standing near them.