DAthea, Ascended

Dathea, Ascended is the fifth boss in the Vault of the Incarnates. This boss has mastery over the storm, and will attempt to kill players using various winds, tornadoes, and knockback effects.

Dathea, Ascended notably drops Tier Set tokens for the hands armor slot, as well as Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane which is needed for Iskaara Trader's Ottuk. As a wing boss, Dathea, Ascended drops slightly-higher item level loot: 382 (LFR), 395 (Normal), 408 (Heroic), 421 (Mythic).


  • Raid loosely spread on one side of the boss.

  • Tanks taunt swap after 2 stacks of Zephyr Slam (damage, knockback and dot).

  • Conductive spark - keep to yourself, don't spread it, let it expire after 15 seconds.

  • Avoid Whirlwinds.

  • Cyclone will pull you towards the boss. Avoid whirlwinds and stay out of melee range of boss.

  • Volatile Infuser adds need to be tanked.

  • Take one Infuser to outside edge and kill asap. Interrupt Diverted Essence. Watch out for knockback when it dies. Repeat with 2nd.