The Nokhud offensive

This dungeon comprises four boss fights:

  • Granyth – Granyth casts his shadow over the plains of Ohn'ahra, appearing as an omen of death and destruction. As battles between centaur clans rage across the plains, he knows it is time to destroy his ancient enemies once and for all. Soon he will land on the battlefield. Clan Shikaar's ballistae will be ready.

  • The Raging Tempest – Violent storm winds ravage the Ohn'ahran plains. Balakar's stormcasters have coalesced the tempest's fury into an avatar of the storm. The Raging Tempest continues to gather power, not just to devastate the battlefield but the entire Dragon Isles. Unchecked, Primalist chaos will reign on the plains.

  • Teera and Maruuk – Ukhel necromancers are resurrecting legendary centaur. The spirits of the first matriarch, Teera, and the centaur's greatest warrior, Maruuk, have risen from their graves. Once their fury has abated, perhaps they can find rest again... and eternal peace.

  • Balakar Khan – Balakar Khan is the ruthless leader of Clan Nokhud. His stormcasters have captured the great eagle spirit Ohn'ahra, and he wants to seize the Windmother's power. Hatred unites his clan against all "outsiders." As the relentless offensive continues, someone must stand up to this tyrant.

The Nokhud Offensive is located in Ohn'ahran Plains at /way 62.01 42.44. You can find more information on Wowhead here. Unlike the majority of the dungeons, the Nokhud Offensive will give you an option to engage bosses however you please. The only exception being Balakar Khan, as you must defeat all the previous bosses in order to engage him.


  • The boss will periodically cast Shards of Stone which is unavoidable damage to all players, unless you stay more than 60 yards away.

  • Repeatedly, throughout the whole fight, Granyth will cast Tectonic Stomp. Run away from it and avoid being hit, you might lose uptime DPS on the boss if you are a melee player, but it's worth it. Using immunities also works.

  • Upon the boss reaching 100 energy (it starts at 0 and it takes approximately 27 seconds to get to 100) it will cast Eruption and enter its "phase".

Dragonkiller Lance

Here comes the tricky part: 2 seconds prior to the Eruption cast, the boss will "activate" one of the Dragonkiller Lance, which is the only way to stop the Eruption before it wipes your team because of its "enrage" effect. Here are also a few important things to know:

  • There are 3 different locations for Dragonkiller Lance.

  • The boss randomly activates one of the three Dragonkiller Lance, few seconds prior to the Eruption cast.

  • You can't shoot the Dragonkiller Lances before the boss activates them for you, so you should always pre-assign a person to be ready to "click" on the lance.

  • It is the only way to stop the Eruption before it wipes your team.

  • It stuns the boss for 5 seconds and takes 5% of his health.

On Mythic difficulty, you will also have to face Nokhud Saboteur. It is important to stop them at all costs before they cast Dismantle which will then prevent you from using Dragonkiller Lance and ultimately wipe your team. Stuns, Roots, Immobilize, Slows and Disturb effects work on them. It is best if you cleave them all together with the boss for maximum efficiency.

The Raging Tempest

The boss has an energy bar initially set to 50. It takes roughly 30 seconds until he enters his Electrical Storm "phase" which will be easier to deal if you use your personal defensives combined with your healer's cooldowns. Keep in mind, as soon as the phase is over, it is rinse and repeat - Recharge Energy - > Cast his abilities - > Phase again. Here are a few important things to note before entering this phase:

  • The boss will occasionally cast Energy Surge. This is a high tank-threat ability that will buff The Raging Tempest. The good thing is, you can dispel it.

  • Periodically, every player in your party will get Lightning Strike. It is important to be spread out so you don't accidentally "clip' each other (imagine it as a massive Quaking mechanic). It will damage you upon expiration.

  • On Mythic difficulty, Lightning Strike will cause Electrical Overload, destroying any Lighting Orbs that get struck by it. Either collect them or make sure you don't cleave them.

Here comes the most important mechanic of the fight: look around for Uncontrollable Energy, collecting the lighting orbs will grant you 5% increased damage and healing for 15 sec, with a stacking effect. The trick here is that each orb you "consume" will deal initial damage to you, so watch out and spread each of them equally among your teammates.

  • If you want to collect the orbs as a tank, that is great, but be mindful of the Wind Burst as you want to be in a melee range at all times.

  • Lastly, speaking about being in melee range, don't stay too close to the boss because of his The Raging Tempest dealing damage to anyone standing directly underneath him.

Teera and Maruuk

A few important details to mention are that the two legendary centaurs share health - Life Link, so the best possible strategy will be to always tank them together so the DPS can effectively "cleave" them. They, just like every boss so far, will have energy: at the beginning of the fight, Teera starts at 50 and Maruuk with 0. Upon reaching 100 energy, they will cast their signature abilities - Teera's Gale Arrow and Maruuk's Earthsplitter. Here is a more

detailed breakdown of the boss fight:

Gale Tornado

  • When Teera casts Spirit Leap, quickly move to her to continue the cleave of both bosses for maximum up-time.

  • Throughout the whole fight, Teera will cast Quick Shot. Make sure you are above half health to prevent any lethal damage coming your way.

  • Brutalize is an incredibly strong "tank-buster" ability. As a tank, you must have mitigation up for it, if not, ask for a healer's external-defensive cooldown to help you fill the gap.

  • Maruuk will periodically cast Frightful Roar. You have a limited time to run out of melee so you don't get feared. Any fear-immune or immunity effects work here (Example: Warrior's Berserker Rage, Shaman's Tremor Totem, Rogue's Cloak of Shadows, etc. There are plenty of more abilities that work too).

  • Teera will target every player (except the tank) with Gale Arrow, so it's best if you move away and drop the Gale Tornadoes further from the boss. Remember that if you contact any of the tornadoes, they will do damage to you and apply a small knock-back effect, so it's best to place the boss away from them to avoid any casualties.

  • Beware when Teera casts Repel as you will get pushed back. The follow up Guardian Wind, is interruptible, so classes with gap-closer abilities will be valuable here (Example: Warrior's Heroic Leap, Mage's Shimmer etc.) because they can stop the push-back effect faster.

  • Last but not least, Maruuk's Earthsplitter is a lethal ability that must be dodged at all costs. You have 2 seconds to avoid being hit by it. If you can't, remember that the damage is Physical so any immunities will help you survive here.

On Mythic difficulty, a Ancestral Bond mechanic will increase their damage by 5%, every 1 sec that they spend further than 20 yards away from each other. You want to keep them together at all times to avoid increasing the difficulty on an already hard fight.

Balakar Khan

  • In the Phase 1 of the fight, your tank must pay attention to Rending Strike as it leaves a nasty bleed effect and also increases the damage from Savage Strike by 500%. It's best to use active mitigation, or any sort of defensive at this moment.

  • Periodically, Balakar Khan will cast Iron Spear on a random target in your party, followed up by an immediate charge to "collect" his spear - Iron Stampede. It's best if you stay close to a wall so you can "bait" the charge and so the boss won't drift far away. This way you will increase the uptime on the boss and therefore your overall damage.

  • Lastly, make sure to side-step the Upheaval ability at all costs, at this will drop you to a critical health level.

  • Once the boss reaches 60% health, he will begin his Intermission: Stormwinds. You can tank the boss further from its original position, so it takes longer to get to his pre-placed intermission spot. This way you can chunk a few extra % down and shorten the Second phase since the boss doesn't do any mechanics during his "run".

During the intermission, the inactive Nokhud Stormcaster will be made available to be damaged (at the beginning of Phase 1 they were protected by Crackling Shield). Each of the Stormcasters will cast Storm Bolt, it's best to pre-assign the interrupts, so they get "locked" on a cast and start walking to the same spot, which will make them available to be cleaved and killed faster. Keep in mind Stun, Disturb and Knockback effects work on them too. There are a few more details to pay attention to:

  • The longer the phase lasts, the more damage you will take from Stormwinds, that is why you want to kill the Nokhud Stormcaster as quickly as possible.

  • Dodge the Lightning pools on the ground at all times during the intermission.

As soon as you defeat the 4 Nokhud Stormcaster, Phase 2 will begin.

  • Periodically, Balakar Khan will cast Conductive Strike on the tank. It is crucial for the Healer to watch out and Dispel immediately. The tank will take damage each second from the DoT and also from the Thunder Strike cast.

  • Here comes the tricky part. During this phase, the boss will cast Static Spear on a random player in your part. When hit, it will pull all party members to its location. You have a short time to react and get away from it to avoid being hit by the Iron Stampede (same charge as in Phase 1). That is why it is important to play close to a wall, just like in Phase 1 so you can bait the charge and shorten its frontal dash.

  • Lastly, just like in Phase 1, you must dodge a similar spell - Crackling Upheaval throughout the fight, so be quick!

On Mythic difficulty, after every Upheaval, the boss will also cast Quake creating a lingering AoE pool on the ground that does damage upon contact, do your best to avoid it.