Anduin Wrynn

  • Split raid into two equal groups for cone realm hop. Assign players to CC P2 adds (3 on normal/5 hc)


  • Giant frontal cone, Kingsmourne Hungers - anyone hit goes to different realm to fight adds (alternate groups).

    • Adds: Despair - tank, nuke, drag over Doubt adds for cleave; Doubt - CC, keep from centre; Hope - heal, keep from edge.

  • Blasphemy - yellow or black circle/icon. Yellow stand to one side and black finds a yellow to stand on.

  • DON'T stand on someone of the same colour = wipe.

  • Chrome arrow over your head - move out, stand still, dodge boomerang missile. Everyone else also dodge.

  • Barrier cloud (fire screen) - stands inside, healers pump out heals to remove.

  • Tanks taunt swap when needed (stacking attack speed buff on the boss).

Intermission (after 2nd cone fight):

  • Bloodlust.

  • Nuke fallen king and cleave adds.

P2 (after 60 seconds):

  • As P1, without the Blasphemy black/yellow debuffs.

  • Plus "Grim Reflection" adds (twice in phase) spam cast AoE fear and big DoTs. CC them. Drag boss over them one at a time.

  • Adds need to die before Anduin gets to full willpower.

Intermission 2:

  • Same as Intermission 1, but with walls of enemies. Kite boss/adds near edge of platform to avoid.

  • Don't be near centre at end of phase.


  • Spread out. Raiders with Hopelessness debuff (black circle) avoid others and remove in yellow pool in centre of room.

  • Pool shrinks from every use, and causes a 3 second raid wide DoT.