Halls of Infusion

This dungeon comprises four boss fights:

  • Watcher Irideus – Tasked by Keeper Tyr to protect and maintain the Halls of Infusion, Watcher Irideus has performed his duties to perfection... until now. Caught off guard by the Primalists' incursion, he was overwhelmed by the elemental forces they unleashed. A mistake he does not intend to make again.

  • Gulping Goliath – Deep within the caverns of the Halls of Infusion lurks the Gulping Goliath. Sire to countless generations of hornswogs, the Goliath and his brood have thrived upon the unprocessed waters of the wellspring. Driven by an insatiable hunger, he will eagerly devour any creature that strays too close to his lair.

  • Khajin the Unyielding – Khajin the Unyeilding seethes with hatred for Keeper Tyr for tampering with the ancient wellspring beneath Tyrhold. Waters that once flowed with the eternal essence of Azeroth have been polluted by Order magic. Khajin would see the world freed from the malignant legacy of the titans... at any cost.

  • Primal Tsunami – Infuser Sariya is driven to restore the world to what it once was: a primal elemental landscape of unfettered power. She has used all her will and cunning to summon the the Primal Tsunami, an elemental being mighty enough to topple Keeper Tyr's facility and return the waters of the wellspring to their natural state.

Halls of Infusion is located in Thaldraszus at /way 59.24 60.64. More information can be found on WowHead here.

Watcher Irideus

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  • Prepare to use healing cooldowns once Watcher Irideus is casting Static Surge.

  • The boss will periodically apply 3 Power Overload magic debuffs to your team members. Dispel as many as you can and spot-heal the rest of your teammates with the debuff. As soon as the debuff runs out, it will trigger a follow-up spell - Power Field.

Gulping Goliath

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  • Sidestep the Cave In ground animation.

  • Quickly nuke the Curious Swoglets, they will leave a stackable Poison effect on you - Gulp Swog Toxin that will kill you upon reaching 10 stacks.

  • Once the boss casts Gulp, select one player from your party to be deliberately "consumed" to prevent him from getting Hangry Enrage Effect, in case you get it, you can always Enrage Dispel. On Mythic Difficulty you can't Enrage Dispel the Hangry effect anymore, unlike Normal and Heroic! Keep in mind once you get Gulp you will take initial damage and get 3 applications of Gulp Swog Toxin!

  • Sidestep the Belly Slam ground animation at all costs.



  • Top up your teammates quickly once Gulping Goliath is casting Overpowering Croak.

  • Spot heal the target that gets [spell=385551, here is a good place to use your external-defensive (like Restoration Druid's Ironbark cooldowns!

  • Use healing cooldowns once the boss is casting Toxic Effluvia, the AoE damage will become especially dangerous if the boss is enhanced by the Hangry effect.

Khajin the Unyeilding

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  • Bring the boss closer to any existing Ice Boulder to increase the uptime damage on your melee DPS, when they exit melee to hide during Hailstorm cast.


  • Throughout the whole fight, players will have Polar Winds debuff on them, don't forget to top them up frequently!

  • Top up the health of the party members that get targeted by the Frost Shock, and dispel the follow-up slow effect.

Primal Tsunami

Primal Tsunami boss encounter has two stages: Stage One: Violent Swells and Stage Two: Infused Waters. During Stage One, you will be fighting on the main platform (from where you pull the boss) until the boss reaches 100 energy, once he does that, it will cast Cast Away and begin its Stage Two. During this stage, you will be sent back to the beginning of the bridge (where you've entered originally), and your goal is to make your way back to the boss. Keep in mind, your team will be split in two (3 players in one corridor and 2 players in the other) and the Crashing Tsunami will be present once again! Here is a more detailed breakdown of the fight:

All Roles

  • Avoid being hit by the Infused Globules ground spheres, during Stage One and Stage Two, failing to do so will deal high initial damage and trigger a secondary effect - Waterlogged.

  • During Stage Two, avoid the incoming Crashing Tsunami while you are making your way back to the boss. You will have to deal with 2 Primalist Infuser, defeating them will put an end the Stage Two. Upon this, the sequence of the spells and stages will repeat until the boss is dead.

  • Speaking about Primalist Infuser, it is important to interrupt the Infuse ability, since it empowers the boss. In addition, watch out for the Inundate cast!

  • On Mythic difficulty, the boss will cast an additional ability - Rogue Waves, dodge the incoming waves!


  • Be present in melee at all times to prevent the boss from dealing mass AoE damage to the entire party.

  • Use active mitigation once the boss is casting Squall Buffet. Not only will it knock you back, but it will also apply a follow-up effect - Focused Deluge. Your goal is to get as quick as you can in melee to prevent him from casting Undertow (dealing mass AoE damage to the entire party).