Sanguine Depths

Sanguine Depths is a max-level dungeon in Shadowlands, located in Revendreth. Sanguine Depths has 4 boss encounters. The dungeon is available in four difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+.

The Sanguine Depths are located in Revendreth.

The Sanguine Depths is a prison of Sire Denathrius', where he keeps those souls that are most intriguing or powerful. They are tortured, studied, and drained of anima for eons. One of the souls located here is of particular interest to the resistance in Revendreth and you will help them in extracting the prisoner safely.

Venthyr Covenant Dungeon Buff in Sanguine Depths

Throughout the Sanguine Depths dungeon, players can find Anima Cages. Any player that is part of the Venthyr Covenant can click the Anima Cage to activate it for 20 seconds. Any enemy in the range of the Anima Cage (40 yards) will be debuffed with Anima Drain and the Anima Cage will count how many enemies die with Anima Drain active.

20 seconds after activating, the Anima Cage will deactivate and give the entire party one stack of Sinfall Boon for every enemy that died within its range during that time! Each stack grants 5% damage and healing. There appears to be a very long range on the buff, and it can even pass through walls!

Depending on how well you group mobs and time the activation of the Anima Cage, an average buff will probably be around a 20% - 30% damage and healing buff. Mis-time the Anima Cage or the enemy deaths and you'll get a lower buff, but on the other hand pre-plan your route and cooldowns, and you could walk away with a 40%+ buff!

Quick Boss Guide

Kryxis the Voracious: If he targets you for Juggernaut Rush, stand still and let other players get between you and the boss. Interrupt the Hungering Drain cast. After he knocks you back, pop a defensive and soak the orbs that travel towards him.

Executor Tarvold: If you get a red circle around you, run it away from the group. Kill the add as quickly as possible and stay out of the AOE it leaves behind.

Grand Proctor Beryllia: Pick up gold orbs and stay out of swirlies.

General Kaal: If you get a red arrow over your head, run it away from the group (and the other player who’ll have it). Avoid red beams on the platform. Get in the big yellow circle when she starts casting Gloom Squall. (Another player holding the Essence of Z’rali — the Naaru-looking thing earlier in the dungeon — will cast this ability.