Halondrus the Reclaimer

Brief Tactics:

  • White orbs should be intercepted at range before getting to the boss.

  • Boss gains a shield at 100% energy, which has to be dps'd down.

  • The shield causes raidwide damage and sucks players and orbs towards it.

  • Tanks are targeted with Lightshatter Beam. Causes damage and debuff. Raiders avoid. Tanks taunt swap after each beam.

  • Giant yellow circles target raiders. Spread out, then move after missile hits, to find a safe spot.

  • Raiders will get a dispellable debuff that does ramping damage and a ramping slow. Dispel (on heroic, dispel in path of white orb).

  • at 80% and 50% health boss will move to new location, doing raid wide damage. Follow. Healers be aware of incoming damage.

  • Whilst moving to a new location, raiders will need to run ahead to break golden orbs, otherwise they may end up knocked back and locked out of the next location.

  • Use Bloodlust in third room. Soft enrage as damage ramps up and orbs speed up.