What Raiders Should Know

The Scary Bit

We expect ...

  • You have read, understood and accepted the information contained in "Managing Expectations".

  • You have read, understood and accepted the information relating to raid preparation contained in "What to Bring".

In essence:

  • You do not sign up to a raid until you qualify for the minimum gear level set.

  • You do not sign up to a raid unless you are fully aware of the start AND end time of a raid, and have every intention of attending for the full duration.

  • You do not sign up for a raid until you have downloaded, installed and set up Teamspeak to connect to our raid Voice Chat.

  • You do not attend a raid with absolutely no knowledge of the raid or fights - it is expected at the minimum that you will have done some research on each of the bosses - this information can be found on this site, wowhead, icy veins, youtube, etc.

  • You are online, at the raid entrance, with all necessary consumables and fully repaired, prior to raid start time.

The Useful to Know Bit

  • Anyone in the guild, irrespective of rank, abilities or experience, are welcome to sign up and join our raids.

  • We have a "Werewolf" rank which long term members, who also raid, can attain. This rank is not a requirement to raid, but a reward for long service and regular raid contributions. They receive additional guild repairs and access to an extra Guild Vault tab. This rank is reset/cleared at the start of every new expansion.

  • Event sign-ups are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis, ie, the sooner you sign, the more likely you will get accepted, in your preferred primary role.

  • We have a list of raiders that show their preferred roles. You do not need to be on this list in order to raid, however, it is useful to be on there if you play a class that has multiple possible roles.

  • We only take characters on our raids who are in our guild.

  • Voice chat - everyone should be able to at least listen in voice chat. We use Teamspeak for voice chat in raids (discord voice chat for everything else). Teamspeak is used because (a) we have a special licence for a large, free Teamspeak server that a guild member hosts for us, (b) Teamspeak makes managing a raid easier than discord - there are some things it does, that discord doesn't, (b) it's nice to have options ;-)

  • We ask that everyone sets their "loot role" to their current spec. This ensures that tanks, for example, are not competing with other raiders not currently in that role.

  • When loot drops and you get the standard Blizzard loot frame with a choice of Need, Greed or Pass:

    • "Need" if you need the item as an upgrade for ANY spec.

    • "Pass" if you do not need it as an upgrade.

    • Greed will only be used by the designated loot master to enable disenchanting unwanted gear.

  • The above loot system works as follows:

    • Anyone rolling need for gear that is meant for their current spec gets priority (ie, tanks will have priority on tank gear).

    • Anyone rolling need for gear that is meant for one of their other specs will only be competing against other off-spec rollers.

    • Initially there will be no option for transmogs. Later in the expansion the loot master will open up unwanted loot for transmog rolls.

    • The materials from disenchanting will be placed in the guild vault to help fund enchants for raiders.

  • Certain addons are considered to be necessary for raids. Deadly Boss Mods (or equivalent) is a must for the majority of players. Some fights are even tuned around the assumption that these addons are used. Other addons are classed as "highly recommended", such as Weak Auras, where people can share plugins that create warnings/assistance for specific boss fights.

  • We expect every raid member to visit our discord regularly, where updates, news and discussions relating to forthcoming raid events happen regularly. Discord is also the place where organisers raise queries or can solve problems (outside of raid times!!). Discord is our "guild chat" outside of the game.

  • If real life happens (it does tend to do that) and you need to remove yourself from a raid, especially within 24 hours of the raid start, you should let the raid organiser know, to give them time to get a replacement, if needed. If you are only able to attend a part of the raid, let the raid organiser know - it is possible you could join/leave part way through. Do not just assume it will be acceptable to just leave part way through with no notice, or that you will just be able to jump in part way through a raid.