Raid Consumables

Preparing for a raid can be pretty daunting.  There are so many things to remember to have - enchants, gems, food, flasks, etc .. and some of what you need varies, depending on what class and spec you're playing.

Also the number that you need will vary, depending on the length of the raid, the number of wipes, etc.

Some items will be relevant to everyone.  Please bear in mind Dark Wolves raids last 2½ hours, and we usually do maximum of 20 wipes.  You should therefore bring enough consumables to cover that.  Don't bring two hours worth of consumables and hope no-one will notice, or that you will be able to "stretch" them.

You can view a full list of the various consumables here.

Click on the button below to find the recommended consumables, including all enchants, gems, foods, etc, for your specific Class and Spec.