Prototype Pantheon


Three phase council style fight, where you will fight two bosses in phase one, two different bosses in phase two, then all four in phase three.

Phase two starts when either of the first two bosses hit 50% health, so try to keep their health the same.

Phase three starts when either of the second two bosses hit 50% health, so try to keep their health the same.

Brief Tactics:

Phase 1 - Bosses War and Duty.

  • Pull them together and start cleaving.

  • Adds will spawn that create a pool which does damage and creates healing absorb. Kill adds asap.

  • Interrupt Gloom Bolt as much as possible (causes damage and healing absorb).

  • Runecarvers Deathtouch - dot on several players which does damage, explodes and then jumps to another player. Players with dot should stand in Bastion bubbles and get dispelled, before moving out again.

  • Duty jumps to different location and casts - run against the wind whilst avoiding large swirlies on floor (if anyone gets hit, break them out).

  • Try to bring War to Duty to continue cleaves.

  • Tank taunt swap when debuff drops off - Humbling Strikes.

Phase 2 - Bosses Renewal and Absolution.

  • Pull them together close to the centre of the room.

  • Avoid stampede of soulshapes.

  • Avoid blue tornadoes.

  • Interrupt Anima Bolt cast by Renewal.

  • Withering seeds - healers heal them up to full (if they die, raid wide damage & dot, when healed to full, raid wide healing & HoT). Stagger healing them to full, to gain full benefit.

  • Absolution does permanent debuff and hand of destruction (remember Sire Denathrius?) .. big red circle, lots of damage which reduces with distance. Run out.

  • Whilst running from big red circle, you will have little red balls round you .. when hand of destruction explodes, balls go in all directions - avoid.

  • Tank taunt swap - Wracking Pain. Frontal cone (damages both raiders and adds). Face boss away from the raid and taunt swap when debuff drops.

Phase 3 - All Bosses.

  • All the above boss abilities. EEK!

  • Bloodlust.

  • Remember to interrupt Renewal and War.

  • Remember to taunt swap Duty and Absolution.

  • Healing CD's and speed buffs on Hand of Destruction.

  • Kill all bosses within 20 seconds of each other.