THe Primal Council

The Primal Council is the third boss encounter in the Vault of the Incarnates. This encounter consists of four different bosses, each having mastery over a different element. Your raid will fight all bosses at the same time and will have to deal with each of their special abilities by utilizing spells cast by the other bosses.

The Primal Council notably drops the rare item Whispering Incarnate Icon, which is a trinket several item levels higher than the rest of the loot table (395 in Normal), and comes with a special equip. The Primal Council's regular loot has the following item levels: 376 (LFR), 389 (Normal), 402 (Heroic), 415 (Mythic).

The four bosses are: Opalfang (earth), Dathea Stormlash (electricity), Embar Firepath (fire) and Kadros Icewrath (ice).


  • Keep the bosses stacked, while the raid spreads out. They do not share a health pool, but need to die at around the same time.

  • Tanks should pick one each of the caster bosses (Icewrath and Stormlash), and one each of the other two.

  • The tank with Opalfang should face the boss away from raid.

  • Tanks taunt swap Opalfang and Firepath after each cast of Crush.

  • Boss abilities usually cast in sequence: Earthen Pillar > Conductive Mark > Meteor Axes > Primal Blizzard.

  • Use blue circles from Conductive Mark to clear Pillars.

  • Use Meteor Axes to clear Pillars and create fire on the ground.

  • Clear Primal Blizzard by running on fire (which clears fire).


  • Don't overlap Meteor Axes.

  • Earthen Pillars pulse damage, meaning it's more important to clear asap and healers have more healing to do.