Skolex, the Insatiable Hunger

Setting up:

  • Two raid markers, one under boss, one 30 yds away in direct line.

  • Create two groups of three ranged players to be furthest away from the raid.

  • 30 yd marker is location of 3 ranged group, and Debuff removal.

Brief Tactics:

  • Bloodlust on pull.

  • Tanks stack together (boss will often hit tank and next closest raider, who should be other tank).

  • Stay *fairly* close to the boss to make it easier to avoid the very large frontal cone.

  • Blue swirlies within 20yds of boss .. avoid blue swirlies (cause damage and massive haste reduction).

  • Everyone is gaining Ephemeral Dust Debuff. Only way to get rid is by the boss burrowing under you.

  • Boss will do additional dust attack to 3 furthest players (it does 10 yd splash damage so spread a bit). Alternate 3 furthest players on frontal cone attack.

  • At 100 energy, tanks split a little and taunt swap - don't ever get hit by two back to back hits of the same attack (Riftmaw or Rend). (on heroic this generates a frontal cone, so keep facing away from raid).

Fight Flow:

Tank combo > dodge frontal (swap back 3) > tank combo > dodge frontal > stack for buff removal. Repeat.

Note that each stack for buff removal the boss gained 10% increase in damage.