Raszageth the Storm-Eater

Raszageth the Storm-Eater is the final boss of Vault of the Incarnates and notably drops Tier Set tokens for the Helm armor slot as well as the unique bow Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky which has a higher item level than the rest of her loot. Raszageth the Storm-Eater drops high item level loot: 385 (LFR), 398 (Normal), 411 (Heroic), 424 (Mythic). She also drops the Dragonriding customization option Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Storm-Eater on Normal difficulty and up.

This is a three phased fight with two intermissions. Raszageth has several storm and lightning themed abilities that will try to kill players before they are able to defeat her. During the intermissions, your raid will be fighting various reinforcements summoned by Raszaageth to weaken The Vault of the Incarnates.

Platform Order

Phase 1 - Main PlatformIntermission 1 - split raid between two side platforms.Phase 2 - use teleporter from side platforms to get to rear platform.Intermission 2 - remain on rear platform.Phase 3 - position yourself to be knocked from rear platform back to main platform, where the fight completes.

Phase 1 (to 65%):

  • Raid spreads out behind boss.

  • Tank swap for Electrified Jaws.

  • Players with static charge should move away from others, behind the raid, to leave a static field puddle.

  • Gust of wind will push people away .. get caught in static field puddle.

  • Volatile current - spread out. Anyone hit will spawn an add.

  • Kill volatile spark adds by interrupting, CCing, or purge/dispelling.

  • Avoid lightning breath/lightning strike.

Intermission 1:

  • Once the boss flies away, have the raid split .. half going to blue side, half going to red.

  • Get "knockback" to the relevant platform.

  • Avoid breath across platforms.

  • Surging Ruiners are priority - kill one near teleporter last.

  • Vanguards & Acolytes spawn when Ruiner dies. Interrupt Acolytes, kite Vanguards.

  • Adds must be killed within 100 seconds - use teleporter to return.

Phase 2:

  • Watch for pushback/damage wave from Tempest Wing.

  • Fulminating Charge - debuff that slows and then jumps .. everyone without the debuff run away! May have to bait by having ranged "buddy" stay with person that has the debuff.

  • Volatile current .. same as before. CC/Int adds.

  • Stormsurge - shield on boss. Break asap.

  • Stormcharged buff - positive or negative .. stack with same charge.

Intermission 2:

  • Kill big add.

  • Little adds will spawn after he teleports .. CC/slow and kill them before they reach the big add.

  • When big add dies, there's a large knockback .. use that to get knocked back onto the first platform.

Phase 3:

  • Similar to Phase 2, only with a platform that is slowly reducing in useable size.

  • Thunderous Blast - huge damage, whatever tank takes is reflected to raid - use mitigation and raid heals. Tank swap after.