Eye of the Jailer

Quick Tactics

  • Three phase fight, with boss switching between P1 and P2 every 25% health. When he returns from P2 at 25% it will be P3 - same as P1 but with a mini-enrage built in.

Phase 1

  • EYE BOLT - general raid damage

  • DEATH LINK on tanks (damage copied to raid) - Tank use mitigation

  • FRACTURE SOUL - white arrow white swirlies. Avoid. If hit, must run into 3 souls.

  • ANNIHILATING GLARE - beam of doom. When he faces one side of room, run to other side, use chains to jump to other side when beam is close.

Phase 2

  • Adds tanked opposite side of room. Split raid in two and kill at same time.


  • SPREADING MISERY - drop to back wall.

  • DESOLATION BEAM - (big circle) spread from.

PHASE 3 @ 25% health

  • Everything from P1 plus ...

  • IMMEDIATE EXTERMINATION - mini-enrage. Bloodlust and kill asap.


  • STYGIAN ABDUCTORS - targeted by dragging chains, raid soaks to pull chains. Kill add.


  • The raid will ping pong between phase 1 and phase 2 and enter phase 3 in the end.

  • Every time the boss loose 25 health (meaning at 75% / 50% / 25% health) you enter phase 2.

  • Raid will enter phase 2 three times and phase 3 starts after that.

Phase 1

  • Fight boss, stack up on chained players to bring down adds and kill them.

  • Run to the harpoon and get tossed to the other side of the platform when boss does a big beam.

Phase 2

  • Fight 2 eye adds by splitting raid in half and fight an add on each side of the platform.

Phase 3

  • Boss will have a mini enrage and be more powerful.

  • The raid has to handle same mechanics as in phase 1.

  • Bloodlust / Timewarp / Heroism



Piercing Lens (Tanks)

  • The eye does moderate physical dmg through out the fight on main tank.

Eye Bolt (raid)

  • The small eyes swirling around the boss shoots shadow dmg on player locations. There are swirls on the ground before impact. At the start of the fight we will have 3 mini eyes flying around the boss and each one will shoot, meaning 3 swirls to dodge. Later on we will have less eyes = less swirls to dodge.

Deathlink (Tanks)

  • The eye of the jailer does very high physical dmg to main tank.

  • This will damage up to 9 players in the raid for the amount of damage the main tank takes. Main tank must use defensive (mitigation) to reduce that dmg on other players.

Adds: Stygian Abductors (Heroic Mode)

Boss summons adds (Abductors)

They have 2 abilities:

  • Dragging Chains

      1. Chains a player and players nearby.

      2. Tries to pull those players off the platform.

      3. The more players, the harder to pull the players up.

      4. Add can fall on the platform if to heavy.

  • Assailing Lance
    When add is on the ground, throw their lance at current player doing moderate damage and a bleed debuff for 15 sec. Both are physical damage.

Tactics: Stygian Abductors (Heroic Mode)

  • Stack up on targeted chained player so add falls on the platform and nuke it.

  • Off-tank tanks the adds when they land and tank it closer to boss for extra cleave dmg on boss.

  • Kill the add when it lands.

Soul Shatter

  • Boss shatters a random players soul into 3 parts.

  • Each soul puts a stacking debuff (3 stacks from start) for 40 sec, that
    * Does dmg to that player
    * Reduce the movement speed by 20% (60% max)
    * Reduce dmg and healing done by 30% (90% max)

Tactics: Soul Shatter

  • Run in to each soul or run 30 yards away from them to remove the debuffs.

Titanic Death Gaze

  • Boss focus energy and blast.

  • Does moderate raid shadow dmg.

Tactics: Titanic Death Gaze

  • Healers beware.

Annihilating Glare

  • Boss will channel a beam that starts on one side of the platform and then sweeps it.

  • Getting hit by the beam does deadly dmg every 1 sec.

Tactics: Annihilating Glare

  • On left and right top side there are harpoons. Standing close to it opens up an extra action button. Clicking on it will make you shoot a rope to the opposite side and jump there.

  • Run to the opposite side and click on the harpoon button to jump over.


  • Boss gets further back and puts a 99% defence shield around him.

  • Summons 2 adds on each side of the platform

  • The boss will still do abilities that the raid has to handle.


  • Divide the raid in 2 with half of each role on each side.

  • Tank takes each eye and tanks on the back side of the platform and on each side of the platform.

  • These adds must be 30 yards from each other they will cast stacking debuff every 3 sec that increase shadow dmg taken by 20% for 1 min (Shared Suffering).


Piercing Lens (Tanks)

  • The eye does moderate physical dmg on main tank.

Dying Suffering

If one of the two eyes die and the other one is still alive, the dead one will cast stacking debuff every 3 sec that increase shadow damage taken by 20% for 1 min (Suffering).

Tactics: Dying Suffering

Kill the adds approximately the same time to reduce raid damage.

Slothful Corruption

Puts a debuff on random players that

  • does low/moderate shadow dmg ever 1.5 sec for 21 sec.

  • reduce spellcasting

  • reduce range attack speed

  • reduce movement speed by 40%

Tactics: Slothful Corruption

This can be dispelled and must be.

Spreading Misery

  • Puts debuff on tank for 10 sec.

  • This debuff does low/moderate shadow damage every 1 sec.

  • When it expires it leaves a pool on the ground that does dmg when touching it.

  • The dungeon journal says that these 2 adds puts this debuff on random players, but it was only on the tanks.

Tactics: Spreading Misery

  • Tanks starts at one spot on each side and move away when a pool spawns underneath.

  • Make sure to position the pools close to each other and only on the side of the platform, not where the raid will stand when attacking boss.

Boss Abilities

Titanic Death Gaze

  • Boss focus energy and blast.

  • Does moderate raid shadow dmg.

Tactics: Titanic Death Gaze

  • Healers beware.

Desolation Beam

  • Boss does moderate shadow dmg to a random player,

  • Any player within 8 yards will be the next target that takes even higher shadow dmg.

  • This keeps on jumping to different players if they are within 8 yards.

Tactics: Desolation Beam

  • Stay spread all the time.

  • Don't stand on a player with a circle and arrow on their head.

Soul Shatter

  • Boss shatters a random player into 3 souls, this does high shadow dmg.

  • The soul shards do dmg to that player, reduce the movement speed and reduce dmg and healing done.

  • It will be gone when that player runs in to the 3 souls again.

Tactics: Soul Shatter

  • Target player must run into all his 3 souls as fast as possible.


The last phase is same as in phase 1 plus desolation beam from phase 2, but the boss will

  • Increase its own attack speed by 50%

  • Do shadow dmg

  • Reduce healing taken of all players by 10% every 6 seconds.

Tactics – Phase 3

  • Pop heroism / Timewarp / Bloodlust and go hard.

  • Follow the same tactics as before to handle phase 1 abilities and desolation beam from phase 2.

  • The platform has less place to stand on due to all the black pools from phase 2.