Huntsman Altimor

Huntsman Altimor is single phase encounter where players take on the Huntsman and his minions. Altimor will summon in a new pet after the previous one is defeated and after all three are dead, Altimor will follow suit. This fight has very simple mechanics that mainly rely on positioning, but be warned: although simple, these abilities can quickly wipe you if dealt with incorrectly!

Huntsman Altimor is available after defeating Shriekwing in Castle Nathria. After defeating Huntsman Altimor, players unlock the Hungering Destroyer encounter.

Huntsman Altimor Quick Tips in Castle Nathria

Huntsman Altimor

  • Spread loosely around the boss to reduce the amount of players hit by Spreadshot.

  • Make sure that only the marked player is in the path when Sinseeker is cast.

  • Damage the boss and his active pet as much as possible, as damage taken by one is also dealt to the other.


  • Tanks should taunt off of one another to keep the Jagged Claws stacks low (around 3-4 stacks).

  • Be ready to stack on the player marked for the Vicious Lunge.



  • Move Hecutis to drop his Crushing Stone stacks - but beware of the raid damage this deals!

  • Healers should have raid cooldowns available for when Hecutis is dropping his Crushing Stone stacks.

  • Move away from the raid when afflicted with Petrifying Howl and drop the Stone Shatter pools they spawn in low traffic areas.