Ruby Life Pools

This dungeon comprises three boss fights:

  • Melidrussa Chillworn – Melidrussa Chillworn leads the Primalist infusion efforts in the Ruby Life Pools. Her fervent belief is that she is protecting young dragon eggs from the influence of the titans and cleansing them from the stain of Order magic. She will stop at nothing to fulfill her calling and return the eggs to what she believes is their natural state.

  • Kokia Blazehoof – As Primalist forces assault the Ruby Life Pools from all sides, it falls to Kokia and her Blazebound lieutenants to capture precious eggs from overwhelmed defenders, all while spreading flame and havoc as they go.

  • Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein – Kyrakka and Erkhart roam the skies above the Ruby Life Pools coordinating attacks on the shrine below, while also taking out any interfering dragons. If left unchecked they burn the Life Pools to the ground and blow the remaining ash away in a cleansing elemental storm.

Ruby Life Pools is located in the Waking Shores at /way 60.00 75.77. More information can be found on Wowhead here.

Melidrussa Chillworn

All Roles

This is primarily a healer-centric fight. Your healer should make sure they have their dispel bound and are able to keep track of Primal Chill on players. Ideally, they should dispel the highest stack count on cooldown.

Beyond this, the fight is simple:

  • Do not get hit by avoidable damage. Don't step in the center of Chillstorm or on icicles left over from Hailbombs

  • Control the whelps. Mass stuns and disorients are great, but single-target interrupting Cold Claws is also really helpful

  • Quickly burn through Frost Overload. This always lines up with whelps, so do not be afraid to save CDs for it.


  • Track your own stacks of Primal Chill. Be aware that you will very rapidly gain stacks every minute when the Whelps are out - this is an ideal time for cooldowns and abilities such as Anti-Magic Shell

  • Be aware that every minute, you will need to pick up five Infused Whelps coming from one of the sides of the room. Get your burst AoE ready for this.


  • Triage your group for Primal Chill proactively:

    • Dispel on cooldown

    • Prioritize targets with high stacks of Primal Chill, the tank just before Whelps are about to spawn, or people about to be frozen

  • This one is obvious, but - make sure you can see and easily dispel the stacks of Primal Chill on your User Interface

Once you are done, take the drake upstairs!

Kokia Blazehoof

All Roles

Kokia tests your ability to position ahead of time, all this in order to minimize space taken. And, as the fight goes on, inevitably, somebody will slip up and spawn a Blazebound Firestorm in the wrong place, or get rolled over by a tank boulder.

  • When Kokia is about to reach 100 energy, position yourself away from the path, away from where your tank will take the boss next, and preferably close to other fire puddles (but not in them). At 100 energy, Kokia starts casting Ritual of Blazebinding and snapshots a player's location for it. This spawns an immobile Blazebound Firestorm there.

  • DPS down Blazebound Firestorms while interrupting Roaring Blaze. They are a priority target as they radiate Inferno, dealing very heavy damage to the entire team.

  • Do not be near to, or behind the tank! They are frequently targeted by Molten Boulder, which rolls up to 40 yards away, leaving flame patches in its path and dealing heavy damage and stunning anybody hit


  • Prepare cooldowns for every Ritual of Blazebinding - the spell itself deals heavy party-wide damage. In addition, Inferno deals heavy damage to all players as long as they are active, and any missed kicks on Roaring Blaze will exacerbate things even more. They spawn roughly every 30 seconds.

  • Do not be near the Blazebound Firestorms if you can avoid it - they explode when they die. This explosion is avoidable, but will force you to move at a time where you will have other, more pressing priorities.

  • Pay slightly more attention to the tank when Searing Blows is applied to them.


  • You have the entire ring to play with. Position yourself, the boss and your group smartly. There is no reason to play risky games in positioning - and it tends to lead to player deaths if you do.

  • Always position yourself so the boulders spawned by Molten Boulder roll outwards into the walls of the ring. The last thing you want is for your path to be blocked because you rolled a boulder down the path.

  • Rotate cooldowns for Searing Blows

  • Help your DPS with the Firestorms. This will also allow them to cleave, but remember that Molten Boulder will still happen!

Kyrakka/Eckhart Stormvein

During Phase 1, Kyrakka is airborne, while Eckhart engages the party from the ground. They do not share health.

When Eckhart or Kyrakka reaches 50%, Kyrakka lands, Eckhart mounts up atop Kyrakka, and phase 2 begins. From this point on, it is strongly recommended to cleave wherever possible, while making sure Kyrakka dies first. This removes Infernocore from the fight, along with all of the fire-based mechanics and breaths.

All Roles

  • At all times during the fight, Erkhart periodically attempts to interrupt all players with Interrupting Cloudburst. Stop casting when this happens so you do not get interrupted!

  • At all times during the fight, Winds of Change will temporarily flare up and push all players and all Flaming Embers zones on the floor in a specific direction. Don't box yourself in, and be ready for this to happen in any direction!

  • Be aware of your Infernocore stacks. Each time you get hit by an avoidable fire ability, or step in a Flaming Embers, you gain a stack and the previous ones are refreshed. When they fade, you will spawn one Flaming Embers per stack.

  • Relocate to a spot relatively away from the group when Infernocore is about to expire, and keep track of where the Flaming Embers are. They will get pushed around throughout the fight with Winds of Change - don't create walls, and don't box people in!

  • Phase 1: Track Kyrakka's position visually. Every ~15 seconds, it will relocate and attempt to hit players with Roaring Firebreath from the side of the encounter area

  • Phase 1: While airborne, Kyrakka's Flamespit is cast on a single random player each time, and grants them one Infernocore

  • Phase 2: While on the ground, Kyrakka's Flamespit now hits all five players in party and grants them one Infernocore each.

  • Phase 2: Do not be in front of Kyrakka, or be ready to have a very quick escape route away from the front! Winds of Change still happens.

  • You can kill Kyrakka in phase 2 first in order to make life a tiny bit easier.


  • Position Eckhart (in phase 1) in order to allow your DPS to dodge Void Burst while not being too close to the edge to accidentally get pushed off by [DNT] Corruption Effect Debug

  • Stormslam is a very powerful tankbuster with a stacking magic vulnerability debuff that does not fall off on its own all the time. It can fall off due to boss cast sequencing, but will not reliably do so. Be aware of it, and chain cooldowns for it - it is the only dangerous unavoidable spell in the fight.

  • Be aware of where all the Flaming Embers are, and position the boss so that you have an escape route if the winds push them towards you. As the tank, you are uniquely positioned to be able to see behind your group - on this fight, this is a major advantage!


  • This fight is made arbitrarily harder the worse your group is at dodging avoidable damage and not standing in Flaming Embers. Be aware of your surroundings.

  • Infernocore stacks hurt; the good news is that the unavoidable ones (from Flamespit) are highly telegraphed. The bad news is that DPS randomly taking avoidable damage will compound this problem, as they'll also be punished with bonus Infernocore stacks.

  • Do not panic! Track ability timers, and play proactively rather than reactively on this encounter. Preparation and anticipating mechanics is one of the best ways to not get caught out and roasted by the breath, boxed in by Infernocore or thrown off the platform.