Sylvanas Windrunner

Quick Tactics

Phase 1

  • WINDRUNNER - she appears to bounce, hit box stays still, avoid swirlies, various debuffs applied. Healers beware!

  • DOMINATION CHAINS - avoid swirlies. Chains target nearest player, pull them, damage them and removes BARBED ARROW debuff. Kill arrows.

  • VEIL OF DARKNESS - avoid black circle. Causes damage and healing absorb. Heal off absorb asap.

  • WAILING ARROW - big swirl around current tank, run out to drop. Tank swap.

  • RANGERS HEARTSEEKER - high tank damage attack. Healers beware.

Transition @80% health

  • everyone gets CHAINS. Kill arrows.

  • Avoid black lines & swirlies.

  • BANSHEE WAIL - swirlies under feet - spread out.

Phase 2

  • Chase Sylvanas along chains .. keep up, don't fall off, avoid holes & black clouds

  • Interrupt her RUIN cast every time.

  • Kill adds

    • Vanguards cast Accursed Might - interrupt.

    • Hopebreakers cast Destabilize - interrupt.

    • Remove Crushing Dread debuff once Souljudge is dead (prior to that it just bounces).

    • Summoners create orbs - kill orbs asap.

    • Goliath - tanks need to keep swapping as the add gains a buff based on who it's hitting.

Phase 3

  • Hop platforms to avoid stuff (run to edge to move to next)

  • Avoid black lines from daggers

  • BANSHEES BAIN - purple puddles. Can be moved - stand in and dispel again to drop to a convenient location (eg edge).

  • BANE ARROWS - purple cloudy swirly - leaves same purple puddle as above.

  • RAZE - destroys current platform - leave platform!! Try to leave puddles on that one.