Broodkeeper Diurna

Broodkeeper Diurna is the seventh boss in the Vault of the Incarnates. This encounter takes place in a room filled with unhatched eggs protected by the boss and her Primalist Reinforcements. Your raid will have to prevent eggs from hatching using the Greatstaff's Wrath and defeat adds that are spawned. 

Broodkeeper Diurna notably drops Tier Set tokens for the Shoulder armor slot, the Evoker-specific weapon Kharnalex, The First Light, as well as the unique ring Seal of Filial Duty which has a higher item level than the rest of her loot. As one of the final bosses, Broodkeeper Diurna drops high item level loot: 385 (LFR), 398 (Normal), 411 (Heroic), 424 (Mythic). 

This is a two phase fight .. the first phase involves breaking the eggs in the room, with the second phase starting once the last egg is broken (or possibly after 5 mins - any eggs left have an affect on boss health)


Phase 1

Add Spawn locations

Phase 2