Algeth'ar Academy

This dungeon comprises four boss fights:

  • Vexamus – As one of the most tenured professors in the academy, Maxdormu uses his powers as a bronze dragon to help bring his history lessons to life. While this proves to be quite an educational and fun experience, it can occasionally go awry. Vexamus is one of Professor Maxdormu's favorite lessons, but if any historical detail is inaccurate he will be quick to scold any rowdy students.

  • Overgrown Ancient – Professors Mystakria and Ichistrasz have used just a touch too much magic in an effort to clear the botany labs. Now they have a big, leafy problem on their hands in the form of an Overgrown Ancient that threatens to undo all their hard work.

  • Crawth – The Lish Llrath, or Talon Toss, arena is quite literally for the birds these days. Crawth has taken up residence in the center of the arena and has no immediate plans to move out soon. Let's see if we can get her to play ball... and leave.

  • Echo of Doragosa – Headteacher Doragosa thought of everything when it came to Algeth'ar Academy. Including a complex simulacrum of herself to take care of any day to day tasks and upkeep while the Isles lay dormant. Now that the Academy is open once again, perhaps she can use it to help keep track of all the new students. It's done a fine job in the interim, and is absolutely the one spell that did not degrade after all these years. Perfectly stable and helpful. Right?

Algeth'ar Academy is located in Thaldraszus at /way 58.28 42.35. There are various routes, so the bosses don't necessarily have to be taken in this order. You can see more information on WowHead here.

Brief Tactics


All Roles

  • Arcane Orbs spawn all around the circle and must be soaked by different people. Don't let them hit Vexamus! It will gain 20 energy and damage your whole party. Each orb soaked does damage and puts a magic-dispellable stacking debuff Oversurge that makes you take 100% more damage per orb soaked. Alternatively, have someone with magic immunity run around and soak all the orbs!

  • Arcane Fissure is cast approximately every 40 seconds at 100 energy if you handled the Arcane Orbs correctly. Every orb that hits the boss will reduce the timer by 8 seconds! You will get knocked back, take damage, and spawn multiple swirls over a few seconds which will explode. Don't drop the swirls on your group!


  • Make sure to aim Vexamus away from your group, Arcane Expulsion is a frontal cone magic nuke and is unavoidable for you.

Healers and DPS

  • Drop your Mana Bombs puddles slightly away from where you want to stand. Try to place them grouped closely if possible! They will disappear after 1 minute, about every 3rd wave.


  • Arcane Fissure does a burst of group damage, make sure everyone is topped off before it!

Overgrown Ancient

General Tips

Important: The boss always casts in this order:

Use a defensive if you aren't topped off after the second Germinate, or you will die. Ideally, you will rotate personals and healer cooldowns for each Burst Forth.




All Roles

  • Play Ball! activates at 75% and 45% health. Facing boss from where you come in, left side is wind and right side is fire. Pick up balls by running over them, then using the Extra Action Button to throw it once you're in the goal of your choice.

    • Fire Firestorm: For the rest of the fight, dodge the red swirls!

    • Wind: Dodge Roving Cyclone. For the rest of the fight, winds also push you around constantly. Pick up Gale Force orbs for temporary immunity to the push.

  • Always stay slightly spread out, but somewhat close to boss if possible.

  • Stop casting when Deafening Screech goes off! It will interrupt and school-lock you for 6 seconds!

  • Overpowering Gust is a frontal cone aimed at a random player. It will damage and knock everyone hit by it off the platform.

Tanks and Healers

  • Savage Peck tankbuster and DoT happens every ~15 seconds. It can be dodged and parried! Use defensives/externals as needed.

Strategies for Play Ball!


Pick one goal or the other, depending on your group comp. Do the other one second. Deal with mechanics as explained above.

Advanced Buff Stacking

This method is designed to take advantage of stacking powerful buff windows provided by the balls. DPS the boss for the first 50%. For the 75% Play Ball!, you'll want to hold onto the balls until you will die from the next Deafening Screech cast (when Sonic Vulnerability is stacked too high, or the boss is at about 47% health, then throw them into the wind goal. This activates the winds and the Gale Force buff orbs. Push the boss past 45%, pick up the new balls as well as your orb, then throw them into the fire goal when cooldowns are available. The boss will now take 75% bonus damage while you have 45% bonus haste. Pop all your cooldowns and nuke the boss!

Echo of Doragosa

All Roles

  • Every single ability applies Overwhelming Power. Do not get hit unnecessarily or this fight will get exponentially harder.

  • Some abilities are unavoidable. You will eventually get stacks.

  • Stand relatively close to the boss if possible.

  • Every 4 stacks, you will drop a Arcane Rift where you are standing that remain for 2 minutes. Try to group them with previous ones.

  • Dodge the Uncontrolled Energy coming from the Arcane Rift.

  • Astral Breath is a frontal cone aimed at a random player. Sidestep it.

  • Run away immediately after every Power Vacuum. It pulls you on top of her, and then does an AoE.

  • Arcane Missiles - Random target, gives a stack of Overwhelming Power.

  • Energy Bomb - Random target, move away from the person as anyone hit gets a stack.