Fatescribe Roh-Kalo

Quick Tactics

Two phase fight with two transition phases. Phase 1, then a ring phase, then repeated, and after the second ring phase, the final phase starts.

Phase 1

  • INVOKE DESTINY - tank eruption. Tank swap, tank with this runs far away.

  • SHADE OF DESTINY add arrives from the tank eruption and is linked to that tank - tank kites it through melee, dps kills.

  • When the Shade dies, more adds appear - group, stun, nuke them down - hopefully they should all appear within the melee group.

  • CALL OF ETERNITY - big white circles - move to edge, spread.

  • FATED CONJUNCTION - big black beams - avoid

Transition Phase: Ring puzzle (at 70% & 40% Health)

  • Get rune (blue blob) into socket (blue "brackets") by standing on the runes. Arrow shows direction, based on number of players. Odd clockwise, even anti-clockwise. Once the rune is in the socket, the ring stops moving.

  • Ideally assign each ring a raid marker, and a raider to each marker. If they need one extra to turn the ring the other way, call out.

  • All rings must be stopped within 40 seconds.

  • Avoid black orbs (they slow/damage)

  • Fatespawn adds - tank at side, interrupt Despair cast and kill asap

Phase 3

  • Same as P1 but with a random ring rotating. 30 seconds to get the rune into the socket.