The Jailer

  • Don't fall into a hole!

  • Pillars will rise from holes and block LoS.

  • Runes of Damnation - glowing rune over head - jump into a hole to stop explosion hitting raid - tosses you back up. (Knock back in direction your back is facing).

  • Yellow circles that explode - spread.

  • Tank combo - Martyrdom - everyone stack for the large black swirly to split damage. Tank swap each time.

  • Jailer pulls everyone then casts a big AoE - run away.

  • Relentless Domination. Hide behind a pillar or get mind controlled. Kill anyone mind controlled. Pillars will retract and close those holes.

  • Move around room to ensure access to holes/pillars.

P2 when all holes are closed.

  • Don't stand in AoE around pillars.

  • Tank ability Shattering Blast - big blue ring. Take to one of the pillars to destroy it. Try to delay them connecting to the centre of the platform.

  • Runes of Compulsion - glowing rune over head - they will get mind controlled and try to walk off an edge. They need to run to the middle asap, then everyone needs to dps them.

  • Avoid big blue swirl - large damage & knockback.

  • Yellow circles as in P1 - spread and avoid swirl.

P3 when a line of pillars connect to centre of the room.

  • Azeroth Healthbar is your phase timer. At 10% you wipe.

  • Soak big blue line.

  • Defile. Small black puddle that grows if people stand in it (Lich King!!). Move immediately.

  • Rune of Domination - glowing rune over head and blue circle. Causes healing absorb. Share with as many as possible and healers heal off.

  • Chains of Anguish - one tank and two other players - everyone takes the damage the tank takes. Tank swap. Run 30 yds away to break chains. Causes raidwide damage, so stagger breaks.