Dark Wolves is a World of Warcraft guild born in 2007 on the EU realm of Lightbringer (later connected with Mazrigos).  We transferred to Tarren Mill (connected with Dentarg) in 2022.

Since that time we have evolved from a purely levelling/social guild to something more, yet retaining that original ethos and feel.  We now enjoy raiding Normal and Heroic level raids and running various levels of dungeons, including M+.  Our members also enjoy a wide range of other activities available within the game.

This site is used as a repository for brief, useful information relating to dungeons and raids, and should be read in conjunction with information on our website and discussions on our discord.

If you spot a resource that you think may be useful to be included, please contact us on our discord linked above.

You can access the resources for specific dungeons or raids using the menus at the top of the page, which are separated into their relevant expansion, and then split into Dungeons and Raids.

Other external resources which you may find useful are linked below.

If you are not a member of Dark Wolves, but are interested in learning more about us, please visit our website (where our full guild rules and raiding rules are located) and our discord (where you're welcome to browse, ask questions and perhaps join the occasional M+).

If you would like to raid with us, please visit "So you Want to Raid?" page and it's sub-sections.